Reconsidering Post Money SAFEs

If you’re a NYC startup contemplating a seed round, you’re probably considering one of a handful of structures: convertible notes, SAFEs, or equity. For smaller seed rounds, it’s hard to choose equity. For rounds below $1-1.5MM, convertible securities (either notes or SAFEs) are the favored approach because of their simplicity and speed.  It’s possible to do equity rounds for any amount...

Want to Save on Startup Legal costs? Talk to your Lawyer!

The best startup lawyers can help emerging companies save money, achieve better business results and avoid errors and pitfalls.  Since most legal work is billed by the hour, it’s not intuitive that talking to your lawyer more will save your company money… especially at those early stages where a bootstrapped company is trying to manage very limited resources.  But most lawyers will tell you that...

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