COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources for Startups

It felt like my Twitter feed was packed with well intentioned ephemeral threads with explanations, links and hot takes (what would Twitter be without the hot takes?) on the latest resources for startups during this crisis. But they are difficult to track, and rapidly out-of-date. And the web is packed with memos and updates on the latest legislation and lobbying and news. My own bookmark list...

Checklist for Hiring a Startup Lawyer

While there’s a lot of great content available on the ins and outs of working with lawyers, fast-moving pragmatists may just want a quick checklist for doing their diligence. Here is such a checklist: 1. Are they really a “Startup Lawyer”? (Specialized) If you have a heart condition, you call a cardiologist. Brain condition: neurologist. And if you’re an early-stage technology company, you hire a...

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